Eric Thomas & Associates Presents... 
2-Day Live Bootcamp for Speakers, Trainers and Influencers
February 22nd-23rd 2019
Atlanta, GA
This 2-Day Speaker Training is where we give speakers, coaches and influencers advice on...

  • How to Craft You Signature Speech So You Can Flow With Confidence  On Stage
  • ​How to Use Your Story To Connect with Every Audience
  • ​How to Build a Brand That Sticks Out in your Niche
  • ​How to Market Your Speaking Services that Position You for Paid Gigs
  • ​How to Monetize Your Message So it Creates Books, Courses, and Programs
  • ​How To Leverage Social Media To Locate The Needs of Your Clients
  • ​How To Systematize and Run a Speaking Business Without the Headache
With This Private Invite You'll Get:
  • 2 Day Speaker Training Event - Get insight, training, and advice about crafting your speech, building your brand, monetizing your message and growing your speaking business.
  •  Live Speaker Advice and Feedback - Get business advice and have your questions answered by ET, CJ, and certified coaches.
  •  90 Day Speaker Marketing Plan
Event Details:
  • WHEN: February 22nd - 23rd
  • ​TIME: 9am - 4pm (Saturday & Sunday)
  • ​WHERE: eComplex, 3400 W Hospital Ave, Atlanta, GA 30341
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    Results from Some of Our Private Coaching Members

    Mike Nelson 

    " $40k in total fees in a little over a year"
    “When I first started I was making $250 for a speech. Now I make few thousands a month… and close to $40k in total fees in a little over a year. That’s more than I’ve ever made speaking in a year.”

    Anthony Flynn

    "ETA has changed my Life and business"
    ETA has changed my life! I will literally earn more than 6 figures in a single calendar year of speaking, coaching and consulting services.

    Jeremy Anderson

    "I Went From Multiple Platforms to Multiple Checks"
    Let me be honest... When ET and CJ, told me to make a serious decision and focus on one audience, I thought they were crazy. I felt like I was going to miss out on money. But when I focused all in on one market, the youth market, I went from multiple platforms to multiple gigs and now multiple checks. Thanks ET and CJ.

    Kendall Ficklin

    "From Free to Six-Figures in a Year"
    After years of trying to do it on my on, I got CONNECTED! Spending time with the guru, following his steps, and seeing him put in the work, made it plan and simple. Do what you see...and get what he gets. I went from speaking from free to a fee. and six-Figures in on year.
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